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Appman reviews: Calltrunk call recording app

Derek Harbinson is a man who knows about apps. This month, he's excited about recording calls...

Your phone is a great thing, isn't it? You can watch movies on it, take photographs and share them with the world, create and record an orchestra, buy and sell your belongings and lots more. One thing you often can't do, rather surprisingly (especially with the iPhone), is record your phone calls.

Calltrunk is a service with a suite of apps for all sorts of phones (including Skype) that lets you record outgoing calls. Not only that — it stores them all in the cloud and then lets you search them by spoken word. So, for instance, if you've called the builder and want to be reminded of when the plumber is going to come round to do his bit, you find the conversation and then enter 'plumber' as a search term to be taken to that part. Calltrunk, being a service based on the individual, rather than the device, also follows you around whether you're at home, on the mobile or using Skype. If you need to download conversations from the cloud go right ahead, since it can sync with the likes of Dropbox and Evernote. Integration of the service with the app is very intuitive and the filing system is easy to use. 

With price plans starting at £4 per month or a pay as you go option, it's not for everybody, but for business people on the move it proves itself a very useful tool.

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Article by Derek Harbinson


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