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Carrie Bradshaw

The latest in our series of unlikely business gurus
Carrie Bradshaw
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As she totters across the screen in the new Sex and the City movie, Carrie Bradshaw is a one-woman symbol of the entire global economy. Throughout the last decade, struggling writer Carrie has, like many nations the world over, lived a life well beyond her means, surviving on a diet of endless debt supplemented by the odd cocktail. This is a woman who has admitted to buying Vogue instead of dinner and has spent $40,000 on shoes. Or, to be more accurate, has spent $40,000 of a credit card company's money on shoes.

Yet, unlike most nations, Carrie has avoided the recession by a combination of luck and denial, which, although not to be recommended for everyone, is how many an entrepreneur has come out of bad times.

For Carrie the luck is twofold: she gets a book deal for her musings, thus guaranteeing her some level of financial stability, and she manages to find love with funds in the shape of Mr Big, a sort of walking World Bank with better suits and hair.

The denial? Well, she and her friends ignore trivial things such as global recession and get on with their main focuses — the search for love, handbags and a good Cosmopolitan.

Carrie is someone you definitely want on your team. She's an assiduous networker, can focus (when she wants to), is always in search of a good deal and, since she writes down everything she does, her records and filing will be exemplary. A word of caution to the men in the office, though - be wary of work romances. Your shortcomings will be publicised and endlessly dissected by every woman you have ever met. And quite a few you haven't.

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Derek Harbinson


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