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Bill Roedy

Dedicated globalist Bill Roedy is chairman and CEO of MTV Networks International
Bill Roedy is chairman and CEO of MTV Networks International
James Winspear

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This is my office off Oxford Street. After being a career officer in the US Army for seven years, I joined MTV in 1989. I'm proud that we do a lot of work with the UN in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

1. I haven't met anyone who's travelled more than I have over a 20-year period — I was in Afghanistan and Zanzibar last year. Yet there's still so much of the world I haven't seen. MTV is in 160 countries, the most widely distributed media brand in the world, and could still grow.

2. Spongebob's an iconic brand. You'll find him on everything from surfboards to water and we've even had him on The Great Wall when we launched in China. Families watch Spongebob Squarepants because the scripts are intelligent. He's based on an underwater sponge and it just works…

3. I was given this mug when I took British citizenship. Churchill was one of the greatest leaders of all time. I was lucky enough actually to buy an apartment that he once lived in — he wrote some of his greatest speeches in the study overlooking Westminster Cathedral.

4. MTV's 'Staying Alive' foundation raises money through products like this lip balm. It's a very different project to our global campaigns as it hits at a grass roots level, giving out sums of money to individuals or very small entities.

5. This screensaver is part of the promotional campaign for the new Beatles music video game Rockband. It's an animation of me with my wife and four children crossing Abbey Road.

6. Fidel Castro was sitting in the front row when I gave a speech about how businesses can help fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Then we had a five-hour hour private lunch. We talked non-stop and he was completely on message and very proud that 96 per cent of Cubans are literate.

7. I am privileged to have met over 30 heads of state and seven Nobel Peace Prize winners, including Nelson Mandela. Kofi Annan made MTV founding chair of a global media AIDS initiative. We signed up over 100 companies who had to commit to help fight the epidemic, and we have a long history with this cause. Essentially, Kofi was my boss for a couple of years!

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