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Subconscious clearing: how the view from your plane can boost creativity

Creativity expert Chris Barez-Brown is here to help you get your inspirational juices flowing. This month: take a look outside your plane window and do a little "subconscious clearing"
The view from a flight from London to Frankfurt
Jan Schuler

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The images you see outside of the cabin during a flight can be a very powerful stimulus. One of the most relaxing and creative times is when you get rain streaming across the window. Just let yourself go, soften your focus and look at it. The way the water moves will relax you and let other stuff bubble up from the depths of your brain. It's a lovely way to do a bit of subconscious clearing. The same with the patterns of fields and towns that you may fly over — if you watch them and just let go, you'll find that often gives you the stimulus to think about something in your life in a way you haven't done before.

Thanks to BA customer Jan Schuler for this month's inspirational photograph, taken on a flight from London to Frankfurt.

If you see a beautiful cloud formation or impressive groundscape from your seat on a BA flight, just take a quick snap and email it to us at or Instagram #BritishAirways #CloudBank. Let us know where you were flying and how you felt, too. All pictures will enter our inspirational Cloud Bank and each month we'll feature one of the best on this page. Mobile phones should be set to airsafe mode when aircraft is in flight.

Chris Barez-Brown


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