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Teamwork: seven ways to make your 
team super

The Rolling Stones, the A Team, Team GB... all these and more found that there was strength in numbers. But what does it take to create that perfect blend?
The team that plays together stays together: The Rolling Stones

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1. Forge a common purpose. 
A clear and compelling common purpose is essential to attracting the right talent, inspiring them to do great work and to do it together.

2. Lead the team. All teams need leadership and the best teams are well led. Leadership in teams is a distinct but equally important task in delivering better results. The starting point is a formal team leader. The goal is a team of leaders.

3.  Pursue a quest for the best. Building better teams means having a focus on selecting and developing the right calibre and the right mix of team members.

4. Create the environment for success. This means structuring the team effectively, in terms of its size and roles and managing the resources and relationships it needs to be successful.

5.  Build cohesion. Cohesion is the magnetic force that binds a team together and enables it to perform effectively as a unit. Trust is the currency in a team that wants to play and stay together.

6.  Master conflict. Creative abrasion is necessary for innovation but too much friction between members can cause progress to grind to a halt. The ability to master, rather than avoid, conflict and channel its energy is a vital part of becoming a better team.

7. Adapt or die. Excellence is a moving target and teams must constantly adjust their approach to stay ahead. The ability to change and improve is at the heart of building better teams.

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Khoi Tu


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